Drafting your own constitution: where to start

Let’s say that you are called upon to design a new state.

Those of us who live in democracies engage in this sort if activity more frequently than we realize, whenever we amend our constitution or vote in a referendum.

Where do we start?

Google has an answer. It’s called Constitute. It works, too, according to reviews.

Google has partnered with the Comparative Constitutions Project to create a resource dedicated to comparing some 160 of the world’s constitutions, permitting users to examine 350 topics organized in a variety of themes. According to the founders of the project,

The site contains the full text, indexed with CCP data, for nearly every active national constitution in the world. Using CCP data, all of the constitutions have been tagged by subject area, allowing users to discover relevant constitutional provisions on particular subjects, no matter how they are worded. In addition to browsing the 300+ topics tagged by CCP, users can also execute their own searches, sort their results by region or time period, and pin content for further analysis.

According to Google, the “aim is to arm drafters with a better tool for constitution design and writing.” The hope is that Constitute can influence the next generation of constitutions and give citizens a greater sense of ownership over the documents, including those involved in crowd-sourced constitution-writing.

This is an indispensable resource if you wish to design your own political system. Or merely to keep abreast of changes in other countries’ political systems.

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