Innovation in Politics

An international group of private citizens has created a novel way to engage in local and European politics: an award offered to politicians who undertake innovative initiatives designed to improve the lives of their constituents.

According to their web site, “[t]he Innovation In Politics Awards are the first in a series of activities with the goal to improve politics in Europe.”

We recognise and support those politicians who have the courage to break new ground, who are creative and achieve real results – regardless of party affiliation and regional level, and based on our European values: social balance, democracy and human rights. We bring their innovative work to the fore, so that it may serve as a source of inspiration.

The effort is resolutely ecumenical and non-partisan.

We are a group of private European citizens – non-partisan, but politically aware. To reach our goals we have founded the Innovation in Politics Institute. We have established a Europe-wide organisation together with fellow Europeans from a broad political spectrum.

The awards are offered at present to politicians from one of eight European countries: Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden and the UK.

How might the group define politics, then? The groups define the aim of political association as pertaining to one of nine categories, namely “quality of life, freedom, prosperity, jobs, ecology, civilisation, democracy, human rights, and community.” Projects worthy of recognition aim at the following fundamental categories, from which one may infer a definition of politics: “building bridges, building trust, participation, sustainability and financial viability.

Define politics, then.


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