They also serve

In The Joy of Politics I defined politics, after Kenneth Minogue, in contradistinction to despotism, and then challenged my readers to imagine a legitimate political system that was not democratic. In the following excerpt of a commentary for Reuters, John Lloyd riffs along similar lines about politicians, citizens, and civil servants. “Democracy does not simply … More They also serve

Draft constitutions in comparative perspective

Excerpts below from an article by Zachary Elkins on Medium. The Joy of Politics posted a note on Constitute in June 2017. One nagging challenge in Constitutional design is how to involve citizens in the drafting process in a meaningful way. One traditional role for citizens is to review and approve the proposed text by … More Draft constitutions in comparative perspective

Democracy is…

I read a lot of material that amounts to an obituary of democratic governance. Democracy is (choose your descriptor) and plagued by a loss of faith. This is one of the principal reasons I have persisted working on the Joy of Politics project Among other things, I thought that it was important to define both … More Democracy is…

Innovation in Politics

An international group of private citizens has created a novel way to engage in local and European politics: an award offered to politicians who undertake innovative initiatives designed to improve the lives of their constituents. According to their web site, “[t]he Innovation In Politics Awards are the first in a series of activities with the … More Innovation in Politics

Winning in politics

Below is the text of the Christian Science Monitor’s daily politics newsletter for July 26, 2017, by CMS politics editor Christa Case Bryant. The question is central. What does it really mean to “win” in politics? That’s a theme Sen. John McCain (R) of Arizona hit on repeatedly in his speech from the Senate floor … More Winning in politics