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In The Joy of Politics I defined politics, after Kenneth Minogue, in contradistinction to despotism, and then challenged my readers to imagine a legitimate political system that was not democratic. In the following excerpt of a commentary for Reuters, John Lloyd riffs along similar lines about politicians, citizens, and civil servants. “Democracy does not simply … More They also serve

Democracy is…

I read a lot of material that amounts to an obituary of democratic governance. Democracy is (choose your descriptor) and plagued by a loss of faith. This is one of the principal reasons I have persisted working on the Joy of Politics project Among other things, I thought that it was important to define both … More Democracy is…

The value of democracy

According to the 2017 Lowy Institute Poll in Australia, “60% of Australians and 52% of 18–29 year olds agree that ‘democracy is preferable to any other kind of government’ Over a third (36%) of Australians say either that ‘in some circumstances, a non-democratic government can be preferable’ or ‘for someone like me, it doesn’t matter … More The value of democracy

Design digest: democracy in New Zealand

According to the annual Democracy Index, compiled and published by the Economist Intelligence Unit, New Zealand has been ranked fourth worldwide, after three Scandinavian countries (Norway, Iceland and Sweden). The Democracy Index collects data in five categories: electoral process; civil liberties; government function; political participation; and political culture. Accordingly, a country can be said to … More Design digest: democracy in New Zealand

Why democratic systems change

New from Oxford University Press — Reforming Democracy. When, why, and how are democratic institutions reformed? This is the broad question guiding this research, rooted in a context of crises of representative democracy. Core democratic rules can be understood as the formal political rules regulating the direct relationship between elites within the political system, parties, … More Why democratic systems change